Who We Are & What We Do

Genesis Farms, LLC is a family owned & operated equestrian enterprise.

The owners, Dave and Lisa Giza, have taken their passion for horses and built a business that runs on reliability, compassion, expertise, and ingenuity.  Not only does Genesis Farms, LLC encompass the subsidiarity, Genesis Farriers and their one of a kind Critical Hoof Care Center, but Dave and Lisa extend their passion and knowledge for horses and Clydesdales through breeding and competition. 

Please take a moment and look through our portfolio.  If you have any questions, comments, or would like to book one of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Genesis Farriers

Our Training

The more Dave learned about the practice of standard farriery, the more he realized that he wanted to go a different way.

Dave’s belief that proper trimming is the foundation for all hoof care ultimately led to the decision to attend class at the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry in Ocala, Florida rather than a more traditional farrier school.  Despite the course focus on balanced, barefoot trimming, Dave also understood the need for shoeing in competitive and corrective situations, knowledge which he gained by being an apprentice locally with a master farrier in Middleburg, Virginia.

Our Philosophy

At Genesis Farriers, we believe in handling horses with a kind but assertive manner, taking the time to bond with them and training them to submit to the farrier through trust. We refrain from drugging horses, preferring to utilize a system of praise & discipline to help you train your horse to stand for a farrier visit.

Our Clientele

Genesis Farriers handles all breeds of horses; however, as Clydesdale breeders, we have a particular love and interest in handling & dealing with the special needs of Drafts!!

Balanced Trims

Genesis Farriers has always believed in trimming horses to a natural, balanced hoof whenever possible.  We strive toward achieving a naturally balanced hoof for every horse we trim whether the horse is to be shod or left barefoot.

Shoeing & Scotch Bottoms

Though we prefer to leave pleasure horses, balanced and barefoot, as a breeder and exhibitor, we understand the need for shoeing in competitive horses. As a Clydesdale breeder and national exhibitor, we specialize in the scotch bottom shoeing needs of drafts.

Please check out some of our cases located under “Cases” in the above menu

Our Hoof Care Center (COMING SOON!)

Genesis Farriers specializes in balanced, equine podiatry style trimming. Dave has experience working with clients & veterinarians to treat a variety of hoof issues including coronary band/hoof lacerations, laminitic horses, abscesses, white line disease & more. As horse lovers ourselves – we understand the difficult situation that working owners face if/when their horse requires daily hoof care to correct an issue. Consequently, we soon will be offering temporary board & care for your horse’s hoof needs. We work with your vet to administer wrapping, shoeing, trimming, holding/assisting for surgery and more.

Our goal is to provide quality hoof treatment for the horses in our care & peace of mind/stress relief for the horse’s owner.

Genesis Clydesdale

Champion Studs. Mares in foal and ground foals available for sale.  To get more information about our services or to see our current horses please feel free to contact us.


A Farrier’s Prayer

By Gina Keesling

Dear Lord, give me the strength to start this day
And wisdom and courage to face whatever I encounter in my travels.
Even though my work with horses is difficult and dangerous,
Grant me patience for his flighty and unpredictable ways,
And keep me safe from harm as I do my task.

Let me remember that my satisfaction comes from helping
A lame horse to go sound, and a sound one to do his job with comfort.

Help me to have patience with my fellow humans, and to remember that
Most love their horses and want what is best for them.

Let me have respect and fellowship with my peers, so that we are
Not alone in this complex and challenging vocation.

Remind me that while my work is important, faith and family should
Come first; help me to schedule my days to reflect these priorities

And at the end of the day, when my mind and body are tired,
Help me remember why I chose this profession,
And let me never lose fascination and reverence for this
Wonderful creature You have given us, the horse.



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