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“The Farrier” by Jacqueline Stanhope

“I am unable to adequately emphasize what a refreshing and positive experience I had while working with farrier, Dave Giza.  Dave specializes in ‘balanced, equine podiatry style trimming’. Not only does he have knowledge of the hoof and the inner workings of the horse that far surpasses many in his field, but he also has a superior grasp on equine medicine. He is patient, passionate, and innovative with what he does; the harder the case the better!  Not only is he highly skilled and knowledgeable about his craft- he returns calls, arrives on time, and has competitive pricing. He even calls to check on my guy after shoeing him!  And he works side-by-side with a veterinarian if need be. He truly has turned a farrier’s work into an art.  I only wish I had found him sooner.”

-Jennifer Kaufman & Chance


“Dave just did six of our rescues…he’s awesome, and they are happy! Win-win :o)”

-Jan M.


“Dave is great! He loves our horses Pirate & Lyle and they love him! Lyle likes to give Dave kisses whenever he gets his feet done! So sweet!”

-Kristi D.


“Fantastic job Genesis Farrier did for me on Monday (a holiday buried in snow). First time customer, best Equine Podiatry care I have ever seen. My old TB Gelding and my Fjord Mare And my POA Mare are all feeling fine and frisky in their new pedicures. I’m certain the underside trim and care is going to hold back bacteria better and make them all feel more comfortable and better balanced. It’s not like they were THAT bad before, but they are much better now. Thanks so much.”

– Karen A.


“Thank you so very much for all you did for my new pony Ace. I can’t say how wonderful he is now with those nasty toes cut down and ugly shoes removed. He can actually walk normally now.”

-Karen K-L


“A huge THANKS goes out to David and Dr. Ann-Marie Hancock. We are new horse owners and have had a few unpleasant shoeing experiences. David came to our rescue. Jake our 9-year-old quarter horse has been a true challenge not because his is bad but because he was not treated well and has found it very hard to be in a loving home. In comparison to where he was in February when he came to us he is a superstar. Anyway David and Dr. Hancock saw Jake for the 1st time on 7/31 and spent 3 hours patiently working with him to correct many issues with Jake’s hooves and alignments issues. The change in Jake is nothing less than miraculous and he was able to get into the trailer last night completely unassisted. Along with the adjustments that Dr. Hancock did to Jake’s spine and back-end, David’s expert Farrier skills our boy is becoming a whole horse again. He is moving much better all the way around. Thank you both for being such wonderful and caring people.”

-Michelle G


“I am so please to have found Dave & Lisa.  I have a Percheron who became lame over a year ago.  He foundered on one foot and got a bone infection from an abscess in the other.  I had to relocate to VA from OH.  I was in a panic because this 2400 pound 18.1h Percheron wanted nothing to do with trimming much less shoeing and I had to beg and beg to have anyone take the time to trim him.  He had sore feet and he was not in the mood to be pounded on.  I searched and searched the internet through many tears and thoughts of having to put him down because of his issues.


Then I found Dave and Lisa. 

They are the most wonderful, kind, generous, and willing people you will ever want to meet.

It’s all about the horse with them. 

Since I have known them they have helped me so much with Bailey.  Between Dave’s willingness to take poundings into walls, and to try all kinds of ways to help the horse to cope with the circumstances… and his excellent trimming skills we nearly have Bailey sound. 

Dave will be Bailey’s farrier as long as they will stand us!

Thanks Dave and Lisa!  You guys are a blessing!”

-Hollie and Bailey

“Contact Dave Giza at Genesis Farriers (he has a website if you google it). I fired 2 farriers when I moved up here from Florida, Dave is the best and his manner with your horses will blow you away. I was afraid I would never find as good of a farrier as I had down south and am remarkably pleased with his work. I have been using him for about 2 years now. He is always on time, calls to confirm appointments and is extremely professional.”
-Online Review

“Dave Giza, Genesis Farriers, 571-921-5822. Always prompt, courteous, kind with horses. Attends all the latest seminars, recently published in the American Farriers Journal. Tell him Moonpie and Honey sent you.”
-Online Review

I also recommend Dave Giza with Genesis Farriers. He is wonderful and GUARANTEES his shoes.
-Online Review

“Get in touch with David Giza of Genesis Farriers in Culpeper, VA. He is the “guru” been written up in American Farrier Journal and consistently has good luck healing canker.”
-Online Review 

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