Laminitis, Abscesses, White Line


Repetitive abscesses, severe white line, laminitis

Veterinary recommendation was given for client to put horse down


Genesis Farriers took horse in on board for intensive hoof treatment per client request


Trimmed excessive flare to relieve pain/pressure in laminitic hooves


Treated with “Clean Trax” in order to combat fungal infection

Facilitated healing through repetitive wrapping/wound treatment

Accelerated hoof regeneration through routine equine podiatry trims

Applied wraps and hoof treatments


Treated wound at coronet band topically


Ease of movement due to proper trim/pressure release at toes

Hooves healed & abscesses dried

Pain eased due to utilization of Bute for pain management

Throbbing pulse ceased and as did heat in front hooves

Family took him home to pasture turnout