Fee and Billing Procedures

Margaret Kent

By Margaret Kent



Flat Rate Fee 

Trim Standard Horse/pony/mini


2 Shoes Steel Standard Horse


4 Shoes  Steel Standard Horse




$75 and up

Trim Full Draft Breeds


2 Shoes Steel Draft


4 Shoes Steel Draft


Barn Call

Within Fauquier, Loudon and Culpeper Counties

Outside Fauquier, Loudon and Culpeper Counties


$1.50 mile round trip

*Additional fees for aluminum, pads, and/or other custom, specialty or therapeutic shoes 

* Additional fees for therapeutic trimming for laminitis/founder, excessive growth etc. 

1. PAYMENT IS DUE UPON COMPLETION OF WORK.  If for some unforeseen reason that payment is not received, a net 10 day account will be established and a billing payment fee of $15.00 will be added to the bill.  A 12% service charge plus a $25.00 administrative fee will be applicable on all accounts for every 10 days past due.  Payment in full must be made before the next appointment.  It is important to know my policy that I DO NOT normally bill for service.  I accept post dated checks.  A $2.00 a/day handling fee will be added to the bill for each day up to the post date 

2. To account for inflation fees will be adjusted bi-annually at the rate of 5 -10%

3. Any other expected changes in fees will be discussed before the Farrier work is started.

4. Fee variations may occur due to horse’s behavior, time and degree of corrections.

5. FOR OUT OF STATE OR COUNTRY CUSTOMERS.  TRAVEL EXPENSES  (Transportation fees, parking fees, etc.), ARE DUE UPON BOOKING OF RESERVATION.  I do not bill for this service.

6. Return check charges are $25.00.

7. I accept cash and checks